• Appetizers

    • Cold cuts

      Salami, Tongue with green sauce, Vitello tonnato

    • In olive oil

      In olive oil

      Mushrooms, dried tomatoes, artichokes

    • Hot (not spicy)

      Hot (not spicy)

      Potato pie, Turtun (Spinach pie), Stuffed onion, Spinach pancake

    • First dishes (pasta)

    • Vegetable ravioli with meat sauce

      Vegetable ravioli with meat sauce

    • Potato ravioli

      Potato ravioli

      in a mushroom cream

    • Tagliatelle with wild boar

      Tagliatelle with wild boar

    • Pasta sciancáa maltagliati

      Pasta sciancáa maltagliati

      with garlic, oil and seasonal vegetables

    • Second courses (meat dishes)

    • Goat and beans

      Goat and beans

    • Wild boar in red wine

      Wild boar in red wine

    • Snails


      with tomato and mint

    • Roast-beef


    • Side dishes

    • French fries and salad

      French fries and salad

    • Desserts

    • Ricotta and pear cake

    • Lemon pie

    • Tiramisù


    • Panna cotta

    • Ice creams

      Cream, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon




Our story

Osteria del Portico is still owned and operated by fifth generation relatives of the original founder.

The family warmth, the simplicity of the food and Ligurian traditions are the foundations upon which the cuisine of the Osteria del Portico are based.


Imagine yourself walking in and around the most charming village in Italy. You walk along and into your line of sight come trees, deep forest and suddenly the view opens up to Castelvittorio. As if taken from a dream, all of your senses spring to life. The smells, the sounds, are almost too intense to bare. With feelings of tranquillity and serenity, the scene unfolds in front of you and you are filled with peace. But, in the distance something stirs. A bird begins to chirp and sing and you are left with the impression of being the only human being within miles, far removed from everything… though Castelvittorio seems so nearby.

Castel Vittorio is the classic picturesque setting for a postcard photo: the first impression approaching the centre is that it seems too perfect to be real. Situated on a hill surrounded by a very thick vegetation, stands a small settlement of houses between which outstands the high steeple of the Parish church. The village’s atmosphere has not changed over the centuries and is almost unreal. The houses are painted in traditional pastel colors, separated by small alleys, with steep and narrow staircases. The village has an appearance of great simplicity and composure, but every corner is different and every view gives a different emotion, monotony does not live here.

Walking in Castelvittorio
Walking in Castelvittorio

How to find us


From Ventimiglia:
Drive towards Sanremo on the SS1. In the roundabout before the river Nervia (Val Nervia) turn left onto the SP64 – stay on the SP64 for 20 km, until you reach Pigna.
After Pigna follow the road and the signs for Castelvittorio for 4 km.

Bus service:
Bus number 7 from Ventimiglia stops in Castelvittorio. Runs several times a day.