• Appetizers

    • Cold cuts

      Salami, Tongue with green sauce, Vitello tonnato

    • In olive oil

      In olive oil

      Mushrooms, dried tomatoes, artichokes

    • Hot (not spicy)

      Hot (not spicy)

      Potato pie, Turtun (Spinach pie), Stuffed onion, Spinach pancake

    • First dishes (pasta)

    • Vegetable ravioli with meat sauce

      Vegetable ravioli with meat sauce

    • Potato ravioli

      Potato ravioli

      in a mushroom cream

    • Tagliatelle with wild boar

      Tagliatelle with wild boar

    • Pasta sciancáa maltagliati

      Pasta sciancáa maltagliati

      with garlic, oil and seasonal vegetables

    • Second courses (meat dishes)

    • Goat and beans

      Goat and beans

    • Wild boar in red wine

      Wild boar in red wine

    • Snails


      with tomato and mint

    • Roast-beef


    • Side dishes

    • French fries and salad

      French fries and salad

    • Desserts

    • Ricotta and pear cake

    • Lemon pie

    • Tiramisù


    • Panna cotta

    • Ice creams

      Cream, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon